Travel Clinic

Are all travel health consultations the same? Not necessarily, those clinics affiliated with a Travel Health Organisation have access to a wide variety of important and up to date information. For example Travel Clinics Australia have access to a world-wide service that gives up to date information on major health issues around the world. So not matter what country you are travelling too your travel doctor has information on hand to advise, and you only need vaccinations specific to the country of travel. Some immunisations also require a followup vaccination and a recall system ensures that your course of vaccinations are completed.

In addition clinics affiliated with Travel Clinics Australia stock most of the vaccines required for travel. Some vaccines are required to be maintained within a certain temperature range (cold chain management).  With vaccines on hand and appropriate vaccine fridges affiliated clinics endeavour to maintain a high standard to ensure vaccines maintain their effectiveness.

Your Travel Clinic – Breed Street Clinic is one such travel health practice.

Travelling overseas during the next few months, make sure your immunisations are up to date – consult the Travel Doctor at Breed Street Clinic