Smoking Cessation

How You Can Give Up Smoking with these Alternatives

Whether you’ve been smoking for two weeks or two decades, it’s impossible to ignore the negative health risks that it can cause. Coronary heart disease, lung cancer, emphysema and osteoporosis are just some of the diseases and conditions commonly linked to smoking, however many people don’t know that nicotine, the addictive agent in cigarettes, is not the main cause of these health concerns.

Many smokers therefore opt to use Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) in order to help quit smoking. These alternatives allow users to avoid many of the harmful chemicals found in cigarettes while also providing a measured dose of nicotine to reduce withdrawal symptoms and help you quit – for good!

Some studies show that NRT increases a user’s chances of quitting permanently by 60%, and they are approved by the World Health Organisation as an effective treatment for giving up smoking.

So if you’re ready to quit, NRT can help break down one barrier on your journey to a healthier you. Make sure to consult with your medical professional about strategies and don’t be afraid to ask for support!

Nicotine Patches

These are discreet patches you place on your skin to release a continual dose of nicotine. They are a good option if you want to avoid the urge to smoke for extended periods of time, with some options that even last 24 hours! Many brands offer a variety of strengths to help your body steadily wean its dependence on nicotine, while also evading the side effects of withdrawal. One major benefit of these is that you can sleep with them on, so you can avoid those morning cigarette cravings.

If the patient prefers, they can reduce the dose by self-titration using short-acting forms of nicotine replacement therapy such as gum, spray or inhaler.

Nicotine Gum

A nicotine gum is a great option for satisfying any sudden cravings, and may also help you realise what environmental triggers cause your cravings so you can avoid them or develop a strategy to redirect them. Nicotine gum also tends to come in an array of measured doses to help cut down your nicotine intake over time.

Nicotine chewing gum

Nicotine Nasal Spray

In a similar way to nicotine gum, nasal sprays deliver a quick hit of therapeutic nicotine that’s quickly absorbed into your blood stream through your nose. This is a great option for curbing your cravings one cigarette at a time, and is travel-friendly which means it won’t get in the way of everyday life. However, this might not be the best option if you’re prone to allergies or other sinus problems.

Nicotine Mouth Spray

Some people find that nicotine mouth spray helps them to quit smoking, as it has a higher uptake of nicotine compared to other alternatives. Research has proven that the mouth spray allows for faster absorption of nicotine, assisting in reducing cravings. The nicotine mouth spray is designed for nicotine to be absorbed by the mouth lining, and is sprayed via an inhaler. Some side effects such as nausea, headaches or indigestion may occur after early use.


If you’re thinking about nicotine replacement therapy to help you quit smoking, get in touch with your doctor at Breed Street Clinic. We are committed to helping you lead a healthier lifestyle, so call us today on (03) 5176 1933 to make the first step towards quitting. You should be proud of yourself for making the commitment!